Port Alberni Trans-Shipment Hub
Port Alberni Port Authority Port Alberni Trans-shipment Hub Container Terminal

Did you know....?

Emissions PATH could reduce CO2 emissions by 22,000 tonnes each year.
Traffic Congestion Each container barge used by PATH has the potential to remove 600+ trucks from the roadways, reducing commuting time.
Shippers and Carriers PATH could reduce shipping costs by up to a half Million per sailing. Savings which could be passed on to consumers.
Employment As a fully automated terminal, PATH could help create 288,720 full time equivalent jobs.
PATH Support The Port Authority has letters in support of PATH from ILWU Canada, Huu ay aht First Nations and various other entities.
Feasibility Study A PATH pre-feasibility study has already been completed and is available here.
Barge Deliver PATH barges could traverse further up the Fraser River, opening previously unused industrial land for warehousing.
Warehouse Storage PATH would promote "just in time" delivery.

Latest News

October 10, 2017:

The Port Alberni Port Authority is pleased to announce that its Port Alberni Trans-shipment Hub Expression of Interest has been short-listed by the National Trade Corridor Fund.